Confession of an Invader

Nearly 1.5 thousand light years from home and we finally made it. 2060 AD, a united space expedition called Confederation of Space Missions discovered a new planet with life on it. After leaving the Earth which has ultimately limited resource and overpopulation, the team finally made to one of 50 moons of NZ53-04 planet in the NZ-53 solar system, which was first located in the 2010s. This moon, relatively younger than our Earth, has enormous amount of aqua and a very dynamic life-form.

This was supposed to be the home, new hope for the mankind. About 2.3 times bigger than the Earth, physically the planet is formed by highlands and deep valleys. The planet has magnificent amount of dissipate, the planet is almost all covered with deep cloud, the highlands are similar to shallow rain forests and streams on it are fed by the clouds. What are in the deep valleys and what is happening out there is mystery. Earlier expeditions reported deathly fauna – giant lizard-like creatures and scary jungle. People called these deep valleys “death” valleys.

We called the planet Renzhou, Chinese for “Man's dominion”, though its indigenous intellectual creatures are the Mangi. Mangis, koala-sized creatures, have tribal societies like earlier plains people. They lived in the planet's highlands. Although, they seemed frightened when the research teams first came, they became friendly shortly.

The cloud making an layer underneath the planet's atmosphere made people hard to breathe, since the pressure was too high. It was a major obstacle for forming colonies alongside the planet since everyone with wear special costume and people would only live in facilities. It was impossible because the first immigration package from the Earth would include some 4 billion people and livestock. Scientists came out with a solution. The solution was to use microwave and chemicals to reduce the amount of the cloud. They were successful. The cloud did became less.

Understanding that the planet's weather condition was changing as a result of humans actions, the mangis were unpleasant with the situation. Clashes of different sizes took place in the highlands. Approved by the United Nations, army regiments and raged volunteers started war against the mangis. As a result the mangis were relocated to the death valleys.

We established colonies on the highlands. New Australland, Ningpo, Nova Occitan, Fukian, Formosa, and Gulliver were among the first ones. Minor mutations were observed among people. This phenomenon first was thought to be fine. It was later proved that the thick cloudy structure covering the planet was making the life on Renzhou immune to the toxic substances coming from NZ-53 and NZ-53-04.

The cloud was unrecoverable since the forests both in the highlands and the deep valleys are decreased 80% in size and the water supply has decreased 65%. 44 years ago, man was first coming to Renzhou, and today we are leaving the planet with our spaceships. I am one of the few people who were lucky enough to be on one of the ships. About 3.4 billion people are left on the planet for definite death. We, on the ships, are all infected with the toxins. It is most probably that we all be died as well.

Evolution, “the stronger beats the weaker”, cruelty, Darwin's law, war, violence, … Unfortunately, it seems that they will always exist alongside with human.